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Dalton Hance

Posted by ftadmin on October 26, 2016

We were first-time homebuyers so we really appreciate that Allyson took as much time as we needed to explain the process and what to expect as we progressed through our purchase.  We found a house we were interested in very quickly and made a full-price offer, so in our case, the process was fast  and smooth.  With that being said, I don’t doubt that Allyson keeping in excellent contact with the seller’s agent, loan provider, inspector, and everyone else that we worked with during the process, is a big part of why we closed on time.

Since we are new to the area we were relying heavily on Allyson’s local expertise and recommendations for who to work with, and in all cases we were happy.  Everyone we worked with had good words about Allyson and we can only agree with them.  A big thank you to Geordie as well, for being there during the inspection, since Allyson was out of town.

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