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Wenatchee Condo Prices in 2021

Wenatchee condo prices, like real estate values in most of the United States continued to climb in 2021.  In the chart below, you can see how both average and median prices for condominiums in Wenatchee and in East Wenatchee have increased over the past five years. The average condo in Wenatchee sold for $299,000 in 2021 up from $252,000 in 2020. The median sales …

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How much should I offer over asking price on a Wenatch...

With record low inventory in the Wenatchee condo market and extremely high demand, bidding wars are becoming commonplace. Many buyers are asking what they need to do to compete right now. How much should I offer over asking price on a Wenatchee condo? As of mid-April, 23 condominiums have sold in the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee metro area. Two of these homes were sold …

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