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When is the best time to sell a condo in Wenatchee?

Posted by ftadmin on March 10, 2021

When is the best time to sell a condo in Wenatchee? What month is the best time to list a condominium? 

This is probably one of the most common questions we get as real estate brokers in Wenatchee.

Zillow founder, Spencer Rascoff, along analyst Stan Humphrie,s with tackled this question in their 2015  book Zillow Talk.  They analyzed 4 million homes that were listed for sale on Zillow.

They found that the peak number of new homes listed for sale was in late February and early March.  The homes that sold the fastest and for the most money sold in the last weeks of March. The best time to list was just after the largest influx of new listings hit the market.

The advice given in the book is to list a home between March Madness (NCAA basketball tournament) and the Masters Golf Tournament.

But does this general advice work here?

When is the best time to list a condo for sale in Wenatchee?

To help us find the answer we looked at condo data from 2015- 2019 in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. (2020 was an outlier due to the pandemic so we did not include it.)

Wenatchee Condo Sales By Month

On average, the months of July and September have the most listings for sale. October is next and April, May and June aren’t far behind.  The months have the most competition from other condominium owners also trying to sell.

The winter months of December, January and February have the lowest number of condos for sale in Wenatchee each year.

In the spring, the month with the most new listings for sale is April. Although July actually has more new listings on average.

July, October and November tend to be the months with the most condo sales which are followed closely by April, May, and June.

The months of December, January and February are the months that typically have the least amount of closed sales.

What do these numbers tell us about the best time to sell a condo in Wenatchee?

Spring and Summer tend to have the most real estate activity with both new listings and closed sales.  Since condominiums usually take a month or more to close, listing a condo in November, December or January will likely lead to the least amount of competition, but there also might not be much buyer activity at that time.

Using Zillow’s logic of listing a condo right after the peak of listing activity in the spring, it appears that late April or early May is the best time to list a condo for sale in Wenatchee. This would certainly make sense looking at the high number of closed sales in July.

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